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What is a guest blogging? Is it important? Is it healthy for SEO?

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Guest blogging, which in other words, is also known as a guest post in simple words, is the practice of adding value to someone else’s blog post to build relationships, disclosure, authority, and links.

Links are a top-ranking factor on Google. On guest SEO blogs, they offer an excellent opportunity to secure a link from another website, in addition to other marketing considerations.

Guest blogging builds a relationship with the blogger who hosts your post, leveraging your audience for additional exposure, and establishing authority among an audience.

The concept is simple: you write a blog article according to the requirements of a particular blogger, and you usually get a backlink at the bottom of the section called the author box.

Bloggers want to post high-quality content on their Blogs that they can use to attract new readers and share with their current audience. This makes guest blogging a beneficial solution for website owners, who want to rank higher on search engines (and need links to do so), and bloggers who want to attract more readers to their website or Blog.
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Are Guest Blogs Good for SEO And Link Building?

The short answer is yes.

Guest blogging remains a powerful online marketing tactic. Today in 2020, guest blogging is probably one of the best methods to create powerful links.

In this article, I will share valuable information with you on how to blog correctly and minimize risk.

Are guest blogs useful for bloggers?

The short answer is again, yes.

As long as the blogger is insightful and willing to spend time sorting and editing articles from external sources, guest blogging can be a great source of valuable content for a blogger’s audience.

An essential part of modifying any outside contributions is looking at the links in the content. You should not include a relationship unless it makes editorial sense.

Take a look at guest blogging and inbound marketing written by Neil Patel. He has used an external link in almost every paragraph. Neil knows that links add value to a message by providing additional information and resources. Be like Neil.

To be cautious, check the quality of guest posts and be sure to link only to quality websites that add value to the Web.

You can also regularly check your external links with a Screaming Frog tool to make sure the websites you connect to are still available, without returning a 404 or redirecting to different content.

How to find sites that accept guest posts and external collaborators

There are two main ways to find guest blogging sites:

Prospect the Web (search with Google, social networks, lists of mineral resources, etc.)

Use websites that connect publishers and bloggers.

This article describes four websites that exist to connect publishers and bloggers.

I have used some of them, and I can tell you that they are not as effective and accessible as I would like. Most blogs are very young and run by webmasters who rarely write and want quality content for free. Even if the fish are relatively small, I recommend that you sign up for some of the services to monitor the offers and wait for your right whale.


Adding links is also one of the most important things.

You should do so before starting a site if you did not check the website’s backlink profile when checking domain history.

A good website must have a good link profile.

Don’t be fooled by deleted domains or a PBN, either. Once again, Ahrefs is good enough to count live and missing links. Moz’s DA (domain authority) is also a perfect litmus test for the authority of a given site.

One way to detect a great website is to check if Google shows site links for the domain search query.

Over time, you can easily spot suspicious websites and not make them mistake for young, quality websites (for example, personal blogging) without a stable link profile.

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