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Make money from On-page SEO

The vast majority have no clue that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) could be a worthwhile movement. SEO is usually the best practice that webmasters and web content makers follow to help them accomplish better positions in web crawler results. I have found out that we are not usually good – understood how to make money with On-page SEO.

1. Grow your Audience: 

The very first step to start your business is to set your target audience. According to the SEO guidelines, getting the right audience in the right way has drastic effects on your business. Try to follow the new on-page SEO guidelines according to Google update.

The more audience you get, the more are the chances to make money. According to the research of payscale, an SEO Specialist can earn an average of $45,000. So, there are more chances to earn money by growing your audience.

Analytics about Earning from SEO
This earnings can also be yours…

2. Sell your SEO services:

You know very well that there are two different types of optimization one on the page and the other off-page of a website. Both are necessary for website growth and can be used in making money. Many vital factors involve doing On-page optimization. Like content, Meta tags, SEO Audit, Keyword research, Image & video optimization, HTML tags, AMP version, Page loading speed, etc.

If you think you have talent, you can use them to sell optimization services to your audience. As with the new advancement, no business can grow without white hat SEO. So, it is the best opportunity to use your skills to earn money.

3. Use freelancing sites:

Another trending and the best way to make money from your SEO skills is to use freelancing platforms. Major Freelance websites like Guru.comUpwork.com, freelancer.com, and so on are the high paying platforms where you can easily pitch your talent for money-making. Freelancing is a way to become self-employed with the ease and comfort of work from home.

A picture showing Laptop
Get paid from SEO freelancing…

At the point when you can choose what you do and when you do it, just as what you’re paid and who you work with, you feel more adjusted and upbeat in your life.

4. Keyword research:

Now, this is the essential key to unlock your way to reach out to more money by doing on-page SEO. If you want to rank on top positions against some search quire, you must research well on your focused keyword.

We’ve just clarified why keywords are critical to your SEO crusade: They set you an objective you need and permit you to optimize your SEO page toward that objective. Web optimization that depends on keywords needs more than scattering catchphrases into your site’s content to put your sites higher.

To manage and research keywords, you can use Google Keywords Planner for better optimize search results. The more your site show in searches, the more you have chances to find potential customers.

5. Run Ads Campaigns:

Another great source of making money is to run Ads campaigns successfully on your website. If your website has fully optimized landing pages, then your site’s chances of target traffic increases.

So, after doing great on-page SEO of your website, you can use Google AdSense to generate Ads. When visitors read your optimized content on your site, they click on these Ads. And you will get paid each time someone clicks on them. This method is also called Pay per Click (PPC) ADVERTISING.

A man earns dollar by clicking
PPC- Get paid for each click…

But keep in mind, you have to invest both your time and little money to see tremendous positive results.


So, the conclusion is if you have good SEO, you can attract more traffic and get more opportunities to convert potential customers.

Find better keywords, get more links, correct your page speed, produce better content, find and build on-page optimization yourself, and get more chances to make money online.



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